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polymode.io - interactive and 3D sales tool

Your 3D Marketing Experience

3D Product Viewer by polymode.io - present your products on your website, interactively an in 3D

Present your products online in 3D

Allow your customers to explore your products from all angles and have them experience them virtually up close, interactively and in 3D.

Interactive Manual by polymode.io - show challenging instructions in an interactive 3D manual and increase customer satisfaction

Digitalize processes and products

Bring your instructions to life with the interactive operating manual and help your customers better understand procedures and processes.

3D Configurator by polymode.io - let people customize your product while boosting your sales

Showcase multi-variant products

Show all variants of your product in an interactive 3D configurator and let your customers individualize it as they wish.


Show your space online in 3D

Invite people to explore your space in an interactive and engaging way, whenever and wherever they want.

Present your product in 3D on your website with polymode's 3D Product Viewer - polymode, Vorarlberg


Present products interactively and in 3D on your website.

With polymode, create the ultimate interactive shopping experience for your customers to speed up the purchasing process and increase your sales: whether its headphones or real estate, we design it in 3D to take your website or online-shop to a new level. The interactive 3D view gives your customers the opportunity to take a closer look at your product by zooming, rotating and scrolling.

Showcase your product on your website in 3D with our polymode 3D Product Viewer - polymode, Vorarlberg

Interactivity Combined with 3D

The 3D view and interactive possibilities give your customers a better feeling for the shape, material and size of your product.

Simplify the Decision to Buy

With polymode, you make it possible for your customers to feel as if they are already holding your products in their hands, simplifying their decision to buy.

Support Imagination

Zooming and rotating allows your customers to take a closer look at your product, making them feel as if the product is right in front of them.

Interactive manual: showcase processes in 3D - polymode, Vorarlberg
polymode INSTRUCTOR: interactive manual for showcasing challenging processes in 3D


Digitally and interactively leading through processes and procedures.

Help your customers, retailers, technicians or employees with complex processes using a simple 3D manual. Show them step-by-step how the procedures works, while also giving them a spatial understanding of the process. By providing a user-friendly, interactive manual, you make their work a whole lot easier.

Interactive User Interface

The intuitive and customizable user interface makes it easy for your customers to use.

Simplify Processes

Bring your instructions to life and simplify the user’s work. When challenging instructions are fun, customer satisfaction increases.

Interactive and in 3D

The digital 3D manual guides your customers step-by-step through complex processes so they can reach their goal quickly and easily.

3D configurator for the ultimate interactive shopping experience - polymode CONFIGURATOR


Showcase products in 3D and let them be customized.

Let customers customize your product, show them the final price of their configuration and help them get a better feeling for the product with a 3D view. Through customization, customers make your products their own, which is proven to increase engagement, simplify the decision to buy and increase your sales.

3D configurator for your e-commerce system - polymode, Vorarlberg
3D-Konfiguration mit Integration in Ihren Webshop - polymode, Vorarlberg

Integration into your Webshop

We seamlessly integrate the polymode 3D configurator into the ordering process of your webshop or e-commerce system, such as Shopware and WooCommerce.

Showcase customizable products in your very own 3D configurator - polymode, Vorarlberg

Selling Customized Products

The 3D configurator shows your customers all available combinations and calculates the final price of their configuration.

Vorstellungskraft unterstützen mit einem 3D-Konfigurator - polymode, Vorarlberg

Support Imagination

The 3D view allows your customers to get a better understanding of the shape, material and size of your product.

Interactive manual: showcase processes in 3D - polymode, Vorarlberg
polymode AREAL: present your space online in 3D and market it globally


Present your space online in 3D and market it globally.

Invite people to explore your space online, wherever and whenever they want. With polymode, we create an interactive 3D view of your spaces - accessible on all common mobile and desktop devices. Whether you’re running a campground, golf course or selling real estate - allow people to explore your virtual spaces and give them a real feel for it.

polymode.io - present your space online in 3D in an interactive and engaging way

Interactivity and 3D Technology

polymode Areal is an interactive 3D view of your space, allowing people to take virtual tours. Let them explore your space, anywhere and at any time, leaving a long-lasting impression.

polymode.io - your space online in 3D with scheduling and booking tools

Interface to Booking Tools and More

Let us connect useful tools to your polymode, such as booking or scheduling tools. This way, people can book a tour or schedule an appointment with you online, cutting time and costs.

polymode.io - market your space globally by letting people explore it anywhere at any time

Market your Space Globally

Whether you’re running a campground or golf course or selling real estate - invite people all over the world to virtually tour your space and let them explore it in an interactive and engaging way.

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For all Devices

polymode works quickly and smoothly on all popular browsers, on PCs, tablets and smartphones. No plug-ins or downloads required.

E-Commerce Integration

We seamlessly integrate polymode into your website. As an integration into your order process or module for your website.

Tailored for your Company

The decision of the design of your polymode is all yours. Round buttons or square? Colorful icons or black ones? We design your polymode exactly to fit your company.

Enrich with VR / AR

Project your product directly into your customer’s living room and give them the feeling of having the product right in front of them via virtual reality.


We look forward to hearing from your and are excited to see how polymode will level up your web presence.

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