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3D Configurator by polymode.io - let people customize your product while boosting your sales

3D Configurator: Unmatched Product Presentation

Boost your sales figures by letting your customers customize products in real time.

Put your customers in control of your product, make their decision to buy easier and increase customer satisfaction, all by integrating a 3D configurator to your website. Each configuration happens in real time, allowing your customers to make your product their own. With a 3D configurator you will create an ultimate interactive shopping experience while strengthening the imagination of your customers.

One Product - Countless Variations

Is your product available in different variations or can it be customized? In your 3D configurator from polymode, your customers put together their own product. They will go through all customization options intuitively and interactively, deciding for themselves on color, material, functions and much more. All configurations happen in real time so your customers can always see the final price of their configuration. By rotating and zooming, they can view the product from all sides and angles. The result? Happy customers, an accelerated decision-making process and increased sales.


  1. Integration and plugins for popular e-commerce systems
  2. Real time price query
  3. Interface with your e-commerce system
  4. Transfer to your merchandise management software


Your product is customizable and you want your customers to order it through your website? With polymode's 3D configurator, your customers will make your product their own. They can playfully click their way through the configuration: they pick color, material, functions and much more themselves and thus put together their dream product. The price of their desired product is queried via an interface to your e-commerce system, so that your customers can see the final price of their configuration. Ultimately, they can order the product they have put together themselves directly via your online-shop. The result? Happy customers and increased sales figures by simplifying the buying process and fulfilling people's desire to individualize.

Your 3D configurator e-commerce integration:

Other systems upon request.

Benefits of a 3D Configurator

The ultimate interactive shopping experience.

Individuality as a success factor in e-commerce: 3D configurator from polymode

Individuality as a Factor for Success

A 3D configurator offers customers different customization options, allowing them to make the product their own.

3D configurator, expandable with VR and AR - polymode, Vorarlberg

3D, VR and AR

Outshine your competitors by using innovative 3D technology as well as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

3D configurator as integration into your e-commerce system - polymode, Vorarlberg

3D E-Commerce Integration

We integrate your 3D configurator seamlessly into your e-commerce system and ordering process.

Increase sales with the interactive 3D configurator from polymode

Sales Boost

Using interactivity and 3D on your website will create trust and understanding for your products, leading to boost your sales figures.

Exceeding customer expectations with the interactive 3D configurator - polymode, Vorarlberg

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customization options increase your customer's satisfaction and leave a long-lasting impression.

Facilitate purchase decisions and increase sales with the 3D configurator from polymode

Support Imagination

With an interactive 3D view of your products, you support their imagination and understanding of your product, making their decision to buy easier.

Increase your sales figures with a
tailored 3D configurator for your business.


  • Seamless integration into your e-commerce system as a plugin or via API
  • Interface for existing shop or POS systems
  • Intuitive user interface, adjusted to your corporate design
  • Extendable with Virtual Reality (VR) an Augmented Reality (AR)
3D configurator with e-commerce integration - polymode, Vorarlberg
polymode.io - boost your sales by letting people customize your product


Show your customers all available variations of your product and the let them customize it as they wish. Putting your customers in control will allow them to make your product their own. The 3D view allows them to view the product from all sides and angles, giving them a better feel for the shape, material and size of your product. As a result, you're making the decision to buy easier on them.


With the 3D configurator from polymode you can easily enrich your online-shop with 3D models of your product. We integrate the 3D configurator seamlessly into your e-commerce system and ordering process. This way, customers can individualize the product as they wish while always seeing the final price of their configuration. The best part? Once your customers have built their dream product, they can order it in your online-shop right away.

Because it is connected to your e-commerce system and merchandise management program, polymode's 3D configurator makes showcasing and handling multi-variant products so much easier.

polymode.io - your new sales tool, integrated into your website or e-commerce system
polymode.io - boost your sales by impressing your customers with AR and VR


Use polymode's 3D configurator to offer your customers a whole new shopping experience with Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR). Let them project your product into their living room with AR or give them the feeling of having it right in front of them, using VR.

What is a 3D Configurator?

A 3D configurator allows online what's always been possible offline at the carpenter's: people can customize your product to their needs in a digital environment. A 3D configurator in your online-shop allows your customers to create their dream product by customizing your product's characteristics, such as color, material or functions. In a 3D view of your product they can view their individualized product from all sides and angles to strengthen their imagination and make it easier for them to decide to buy.

The use of a 3D configurator is particularly interesting for e-commerce business that sell multi-variant products. For this reason, 3D configurators (also called product configurators, 3D web configurators or online 3D configurators) are used in a wide variety of industries. From headphones to backpack, to ovens and shelves or even cars - there is a large number of products that are perfectly suited for a 3D configurator.

What are the Benefits of a 3D Configurator?

Performance Boost

The use of 3D configurators is proven to increase sales through personalization and individualization. Because customers can put together a product exactly as the need it, the return rate is reduced to a minimum.

Showcase Product Diversity

A 3D configurator helps you present multi-variant products online in a neat way. On just one page, your customers can explore all variants of your product and view it from all sides and angles. A professional integration into your e-commerce system allows a seamless order process.

Accelerated Buying Process

When customizing, your customers deal intensively with your product and its variants. In addition, the 3D view increases their power of imagination, making the decision to buy easier. The 3D configurator shows the price of the customized product and can be ordered through your online-shop right away.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

With an interactive 3D configurator, you create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers. The possibility of putting together a product to their wishes and needs increases customer satisfaction and creates a positive and long-lasting impression.

Showcasing products in 3D on your
website or an interactive manual?

polymode is available in many variants. As a 3D configurator, a 3D view of your product or an interactive manual.

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