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Bring instructions to life.

Interactive Manual by polymode.io - show challenging instructions in an interactive 3D manual and increase customer satisfaction

One tool, endless possibilities.

Bring your instructions to life and increase customer satisfaction.

Lead your customers, retailers, fitters and other employees through complex processes and procedures, step-by-step. polymode's interactive manuals make challenging instructions fun by guiding users to their goal quickly and intuitively. Use polymode's interactive 3D manuals for your company and save costs, paper waste and service effort while increasing customer satisfaction.

Interaktive Produkt- und Projektpräsentation

Revolutionieren Sie die Art und Weise, wie Sie Kunden, Händler, Monteure und Mitarbeitende durch anspruchsvolle Bau- und Betriebsanleitungen führen und machen Sie Schluss mit gedruckten Anleitungen. Eine interaktive Betriebsanleitung führt Nutzer Schritt-für-Schritt durch Anleitungen und erleichtert so die Kommunikation von komplexen Anleitungen. Für maximale Kundenzufriedenheit. Einmal entwickelt, ist die interaktive Betriebsanleitung über alle gängigen Mobil- und Desktopgeräte zugänglich. Schnell und unkompliziert können Informationen angepasst werden - so sind Ihre Bau- und Betriebsanleitungen immer up-to-date.



Process flows in 3D

polymode INSTRUCTOR offers companies an innovative solution for presenting products and projects in a completely new dimension. Instead of conventional product photos, polymode relies on an appealing 3D format which, combined with interactivity, creates a unique experience for your customers. By rotating and zooming, customers can view your idea or asset from all angles and get an accurate picture of the functions. The result: a high level of trust and understanding. Interactive product presentation has been proven to increase customer engagement as well as willingness to buy or support your venture.




Interactive instruction manual

Revolutionise the way you guide customers, distributors, installers and employees through sophisticated building and operating instructions and eliminate the hassle of printed manuals. An interactive operating manual guides users step-by-step through instructions, making it easier to communicate complex directions. For maximum customer satisfaction. Once developed, the interactive operating manual is accessible via all common mobile and desktop devices. Information can be adapted quickly and easily - so your construction and operating instructions are always up-to-date.





Interactive Manual - try now

Benefits of Interactive Manuals

Bring instructions to life.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Interactive manuals lead customers, fitters and employees quickly to their goal, increasing customer satisfaction.

Simplifying Processes

With polymode, you showcase challenging procedures and processes in an understandable digital and interactive way.

Seamless Integration

By integrating polymode into your website we take care of great performance and fast loading times.

Cut Costs

By using a digital manual, you will save costs, paper waste and service effort.

Stand out from Competition

With an interactive instruction manual you are one step ahead of many competitors when it comes to digitalization.

Always Up-To-Date

Information can be continuously adjusted in your digital manual so that it is always up-to-date.

Bring your instructions to life and increase
your customer's, retailer's and employee's satisfaction.


We make complex processes a whole lot easier by using polmyode to showcase challenging procedures in a user-friendly, interactive 3D manual. Virtually, interactively and in 3D, polymode will guide your customers through your instructions, step-by-step. That will make even challenging processes fun by leading not only customers but also retailers, fitters and other employees quickly and easily to their goal.


polymode's interactive manual scores with its clear and customizable user interface. It intuitively guides users through demanding instructions. This way, you're making work a whole lot easier for your employees, fitters and end customers.

polymode.io - your new sales tool with customizable user interface

Wanting to showcase products
on your website in 3D or have
your own 3D configurator?

With polymode, there are no limits to your imagination. Showcase your products in a 3D Product Viewer or let your customers individualize your products in your own 3D configurator.

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